USPS Savings

We Are Your “One-Stop-Shipping-Shop”

RJL Associates is able to offer YOU volume discount freight rates you are not receiving from your current shipping providers.


Our partnerships with over 100 LTL Carriers gives you Fortune 500 Rates. RJL Associates has developed working partnerships with principal freight companies, including ocean and trucking services. Through our contracts and agreements with domestic and global carriers, RJL Associates has obtained volume discount rates.



The Internet has changed the way we conduct our personal lives, as well as our businesses. Web-based shipping solutions are moving operations from the mailroom to your desktop reducing the chance for error by consolidating jobs and streamlining the entire shipping process. With a web-based solution, you are ready to start shipping right after you log in.


Using the cost-effective E1Ship Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution streamlines the entire shipping process, increasing your ability to effectively manage vast numbers of shipments without sacrificing customer service or quality.



E1Ship is the FAST way to go from order, to label, to tracking without any changes to current procedures or intensive training.


RJL Associates provides your business a wide range of efficient and cost-saving benefits with a Multi-Carrier Shipping System specifically designed to meet your current and evolving shipping needs ALL AT NO COST.


Parcel Shipping SAvings